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How do I manage notifications for a single course as an instructor?

How do I manage notifications for a single course as an instructor?

You can manage notifications for a single course on the Course Notification Settings page. Course notification settings only apply to the course in which they are set. To receive course notifications, you must first set your Canvas notification preferences.


  • Once a notification preference is changed in your course, the course course notification preference will override preferences set in your Account Settings. You must continue to manage that notification type within your course.
  • Admins cannot view the Course Notification Settings page unless they are enrolled in the course.

Open Course

Open Course

In Global Navigation, click the Courses link [1], then click the name of the course [2].

Open Course Notifications

Open Course Notifications

In the course home page sidebar, click the View Course Notifications button.

View Course Notification Settings

The Course Notification Settings page allows you to enable or disable all notifications for the course and manage the frequency of course notifications for course activities, discussions, scheduling, and conferences.

Manage Notification Settings

Manage Notification Settings

To manage your course notification settings, click the Enable Notifications toggle. When notifications are enabled for the course, the toggle displays a checkmark icon [1]. When notifications are disabled for the course, the toggle displays an X icon [2].

Manage Individual Notifications

To manage notifications for specific course features, click the notification icon for the notification method [1]. You can select how often you want to receive notifications for the course. Options include Notify immediately [2], Daily summary [3], Weekly summary [4], or Notifications off [5].

View Course Notifications Icon

View Course Notifications Icon

You can view your course notification status on your course home page. The View Course Notifications button icon displays if course notifications are enabled [1] or disabled [2].


Got it

Test test test

Are there still some notifications that get sent regardless of the course "Enable Notifications" toggle?  I still get occasional notification messages--for example, "A new file has been added for the course ...".

Hi @grassedd,

There shouldn't be. You may want to report this so someone can look into why you might still be receiving notifications when they are turned off for the course.


Thanks, Cody--

I'll do that!


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