Discussion structure in Canvas that's similar to Moodle?

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On Moodle, we used forums in the following way:  For each class, a professor would create a Moodle forum, where they would list questions to guide students’ reading of the assigned articles.  Before each class, students would then post a comment on the forum.  Within that forum, the first student to post about a particular topic would be required to create a subject line.  Then, other students would reply to that subject thread, or create their own thread with their own subject line if the topic was about another matter.  This feature worked so well for promoting discussions before class.  Students could quickly scan the subject headings to figure out which posts were relevant to the topic they wanted to write about.  It was a wonderful way to jumpstart discussions.  See screenshot below to get a sense of how it looked on Moodle.
Is there a way to recreate this in Canvas?