Do copied announcements send immediately or can I edit first?

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I couldn't find an answer to this exact question, but apologize if I missed it.

When I copy an announcement from an old course to a current, published, live one, I'm unclear about what happens. Will it immediately post or will it come up in edit mode so that I can edit as needed before hitting send? Thanks!


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@MelissaMeadows1 When you copy an announcement into a published, live course, the announcement will be visible to students right away inside the destination course, but it should not cause an email notification to be sent to students in the destination course. You can find the copy and edit it quickly if you want to change the message. You can also set a delayed posting date if you want to it be hidden for a time and then to post and generate an email notification.

How do I copy an announcement to another course? (Notes mention that copied announcement does not send notifications.)

How do I delay posting an announcement until a specific date in a course? 

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