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Do quiz formula question support greater than or equal >=

An instructor would like to use the formula below in quiz formula question.

if abs(zscore) > = 3

This results in an unrecognized token error. Can you use "> =" with the formula question? It would be helpful to know what functions are not supported in a formula question. Instructors want to use expressions that work in Excel, but from my experience Canvas is not as robust.

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Hello @lherdan 

We might need further information on this. I was able to play around with the Equation editor in the RCE and I found that you can insert "> =" with the editor. The = option can be found on the basic area of the Equation editor. The > sign can be found on the Relationships screen in the editor. 

I am not super familiar with using excel and how it makes the expressions in those programs. 

I was able to find this GUIDE on using the Math Editor in the RCE. 

HERE is a PDF on doing basic Equations. 

HERE is a PDF on Advanced Equations. 

HERE is a PDF on Chemistry formulas, equations, and scientific notation

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Hi @ColtonSwapp 

The RCE isn't available for the Formula Definition field. This is where you type the formula and where the instructor wants to use the symbols.