Do they not want us to use the Canvas Community? Log in problems are making it inconvenient.

Community Participant

Lately, every time I try to access the Canvas Community, I want to pull my hair out!  While already logged into Canvas, I click on the Help option to Search the Guides.  I try to post a question and it tells me that I'm not logged in.  I follow the prompts to log in and it kicks me back to the Canvas Dashboard.  The question I spent time crafting has vanished. 

I've called Canvas support and they said to clear my browser.   Well, that does work, but only if I clear all browsing data in Chrome.  That is annoying because I have to do this every time I want to use the CC, then I have to spend a lot more time adding my data back to everything else again.  It is very frustrating and wastes a lot of my time.  I love the community, but it is almost not worth participating in it anymore.