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Do urls from progress objects expire after a certain amount of time?

I am doing post requests with the Canvas API  to generate quiz summary reports. When I went to check the progress URLs to see if all the quizzes loaded, I couldn't access any of them. I received a 401-error saying the resource didn't exist. Do these progress URLs expire after a certain amount of time, and if so, what is that expiration time?

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Hi @ThomasDomas,

Reading the quiz report documentation, it says this about the progress URL: "if the report has not yet finished generating, a URL where information about its progress can be retrieved. refer to the Progress API for more information (Note: not available in JSON-API format)". I haven't worked with this particular report before, but the way that statement is written, it could mean that the progress URL is only going to be valid while the report is being generated, and will not work after generation is complete.  It does seem a bit unusual and doesn't really align with the progress API, so I'm unsure here.  401 errors can a lot of times be permissions-related too, so are you sure you're authenticated and have permission to view the reports with whatever account you're using?


Hi @chriscas 

Thank you for your response. So as a sanity check I looked at the progress url from the browser side. I can see the progress object data, and it says complete, but the url I would normally use to download the quiz report is the same url as the progress link. I think normally it's an aws link?


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