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When I log into Canvas on my home (but not office) computer, I am always placed in a course from a previous semester. It has been suggested that I may have a bookmark somewhere that is causing that. Is that plausible? Is there anyway to find and delete existing bookmarks?

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@AlanLockard -

I would check your browser setting for a start page that has the previous canvas course as the starting point (I do this so that when I pull up the browser in a classroom it goes to the login and then that particular course).  The other thing to do is go into the bookmark manager for your browser and search for the bookmark that may be present (I would search on Canvas and see what comes up).

You have something setup such that a link going to the old course is being used to go to the login page.


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@AlanLockard ...

I totally agree with @Ron_Bowman's response!  And, if you are wondering how to edit bookmarks in your browser, I found a few links that might help:

Hope this extra bit of info will be of help to you!