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DocViewer Not Working

Hello, all.

I have student submissions in .doc and .docx files that I am trying to annotate via SpeedGrader, but the DocViewer is not showing up for me, and never has.

I'm running Firefoz 84.0.2, and the only extension I have is Facebook Container.

I am also extremely frustrated that there isn't clear information on trouble-shooting this--it seems to be assumed that this toolbar will just show up, and aside from making sure that file extensions are supported, I haven't found other troubleshooting help for this.


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A known issue. Ironically, in most of the cases, it was caused by extension or cookie issues.

I would switch to chrome and open the course in incognito window, by doing this, you don't have to cleanse all your hard earned cookies and caches... 😸. and try that out, if it works, that means some extensions in your browser did block it.


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@langlangcat Thank you for your response--much appreciated.

However, clearing my cache and switching to Chrome was NOT the issue. The issue is that if anonymous peer reviews are turned ON, the DocViewer is turned OFF, and Canvas does not have this information in their official documentation for the DocViewer tool, on that page.


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How can you turn that on/off and where can you see it?!

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