Does TurnItIn behave differently within Canvas than on it's own?

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My user role is Canvas expert, I train and help people who are using or staring to use Canvas.

The following is a question I received from one of my collegues en fellow Canvas coach. I have been reading almost everything that is posted on TurnItIn around here (and on google) but I can't figure it out. I've read posts that are simmilar to this question, but not close enough. Does anyone here know if this is possible and if yes, how?


"Turnitin seems to respond differently within Canvas than on its own: when you check the submitted work in Canvas through Turnitin, it will not be scanned against previously submitted work from the same assignment by the student himself. This did happen when we worked with Turnitin separately from Canvas.

So attempt 2 is not compared to attempt 1 of this student so to speak. That is a pity, because it was so nice to see what the student had modified from the previous version. It applies to every course we teach here.

For example, if you look at student X, you will see that she has submitted 2 attempts. January 28 and April 14. When you click on the percentage it takes you to Turnitin. When you click on the 9% on the April 14 attempt, you can see that this report is not being scanned with the report she submitted on January 28.

So I would want the version of April 14 to be compared within Canvas in Turnitin with the version of January 28. So that you can see exactly what she has changed in the April 14 version. Now I don't see that. Exactly that comparison was so handy in Turnitin; that you can also compare the 2nd, 3rd, etc... attempt with previously submitted reports of the same student. Then you’re able to see at a glance what has been added."

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