Student cannot delete/reset app integrations

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Hey everyone,

I have a teacher using the Edpuzzle and Teachermade apps. They have one student that cannot access those tools through Canvas - so obviously the integration is working fine, because everyone .else can.

We have tried clearing the browser cache and that did not help. 

I want to delete the Approved Integration token from their user account page (which I can see on teacher and admin accounts) but the student users don't have that capability (permissions? - I can't find anything in our Permissions that looks like it pertains to this task). I cannot access their account home page in the same way that they do when I'm logged in with my admin account, so I don't see anywhere that I can delete and then recreate the app integration for the user.

The screenshot shows the delete feature I can access for my account, but they as a student cannot access for themselves and I do not know how/where to access it as an admin.

Any thoughts??


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