Does a completed quiz update/override a previously set default grade?

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Hi all, might be super specific but hopefully helps others too: I want to set an Assignment Group rule to drop the lowest quiz in a set of 5, however the 5th quiz is optional (it's a chance to replace a previously lower score).

Students have already completed the first 4 required quizzes, and now I would like to set the default grade for the 5th quiz as 0 from the onset (so that it becomes the "dropped" quiz for students who choose not to take the 5th quiz). But I want to make sure that if students take the quiz, their new score will replace the default score of 0. Can anyone confirm this? I'd rather not test this out on the fly (and have hundreds students email me about a problem). TIA.

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New grades will override previous grades and what you are doing will work the way you want it to.

The method of setting the grades does not matter. Whether the grade is there because the student took the quiz before and had a grade, you manually entered a score, or used the set default grade functionality doesn't affect how Canvas treats them. There is no setting that will keep a grade from being overwritten if a new grade comes along.

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