Does anyone else lose the video links in your pages?

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I've built content pages with video links.   Some days the links are visible and active.  Other times I'm logged in, the links are completely missing.  as in BLANK PAGE.  

What might be causing this?  Has anyone else experienced this and found a consistent solution? 

I taught from these pages on Friday and today (Monday) there are no videos. 


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Thanks for the additional information  @kingkr   I just checked in a few of my classes where I have links to videos and inserted a new one from YouTube and everything in my classes seems to work as expected (I use Chrome).  This probably isn't surprising if it only occurs for you sometimes and not others as well.  

Hopefully someone here has experienced a similar issue and has some insight into what may be happening.  Contacting Support is not a bad idea though.  If you do touch bases with Support and you learn what may be happening, please let us know!

All the best---

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