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Download all Assignment submissions to single file, for single student


Long time user of Canvas, first time poster here (I think? or it has been a long time)

Is it possible to do the following actions:

  1. Select specific student or students from the gradebook
  2. Bulk download all / selected range of multiple assignment submissions (preferably into one file as text)

The result would be say, one file with 10 submissions in it, in one file.

So far, All i have been able to do is bulk download all student submissions for one assignment, and they are all in individual files.

Thank you for any help or workarounds for this. I have several assignments that I run a code check on the students submissions from another program.

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Hello @kendall_moore 

As of now, the student submissions downloads will generate a downloaded zip file with the individual file submissions inside. There isn't really a way to select specific student submissions, bulk download a handful of them and have them all listed out in one comprehensive viewable file like a really long pdf. Although, there have been others looking for the same thing:

There is a chance in the future that this feature will be more customizable, but currently the way you have been doing it is realistically your most viable option. Not the ideal answer you were looking for, but hopefully provides some clarity. 

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