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In secondary schools, some students prefer printed  assessments. In fact, it's an accommodation for some. And sometimes Canvas or the school Wi-Fi is down, so the students aren't able to access assessments online. For these reasons, and also to save assessments if I ever lose access to Canvas, it would be nice to be able to download quizzes in PDF or Word format. I don't see an option for that currently. Copying and pasting the whole thing into Word takes FOREVER because you have to change all the formatting to get it to fit into a reasonable number of pages. ExamView had this option, and it was very useful.

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Hi Jarred,

The New Quizzes tool includes an option to print both a blank quiz and a quiz "key" with the answers included.  See 

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It depends on the quiz engine you are using.  as stated by @mzimmerman the option to print the quiz exists in new quizzes.

if you are using classic quizzes, then there is a way to print it out using a javascript add on as explained in the following:

I have this script installed and it works really good.  I have modified it a little so that I can print out student submissions for record keeping.

forgot about the following which may work as well  - this is a chrome extension:

Canvas Quiz Printer - Chrome Web Store 


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