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Is there a way to choose the "drop the lowest grade" in an assignment category but isolate it to one marking period?  When you choose this option now, it applies it to all marking periods instead of only the current one.  We have four marking periods.  I dropped the lowest "assignment" grade for Q1 but I don't want to do that for Q2.  When I remove the rule, it resorts Q1 back also and no longer drops the grade.  There is no option to apply this one quarter only.  Does anyone know a work around or something else?

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Hi @JW1952 ,

I'm not sure if you'll be able to make this change now, but if possible, I would just make a new Assignment Group for Quarter 2 without the rule to drop the lowest. Set it to the same percentage (weight) as the one you were using for Quarter 1 and then just stop using the Q1 Assignment Group. I think this will work only if your institution has set Grading Periods so that you're working in a new Gradebook for Quarter 2. If the Gradebook doesn't "see" any assignments from the Q1 Assignment Group in the right date range, it won't count that AG at all in the grade calculation. Similarly, it won't count any Q2 AG assignments in the calculation for the Q1 grade (or Q3 or Q4).

I think this is how it would work, but someone else may know more about it and can correct me.

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