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Hello.  I have coursework due and unfortunately, I am unable to login. I have submitted multiple time for the forgot password without ever receiving a reset password email. I have been checking spam and retrying for days without a win. I am enrolled in HOPE PD Modules with all completed but the last one which was due Friday, March 20,2022.

Can you please help me out? The email is and also as

I set up a new account in order to be able to join this community to hopefully get support. THANK YOU!

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Hi @cotteygreene1 

This is a public discussion board of Canvas users from different schools all over the world, so we have no access to your Canvas account or password settings.

Instructure has a help document on the password reset process at

If you enter your email address and never get a password reset email, review the following password tips.

  • Have you typed your email address correctly? Sometimes email addresses can be misspelled.
  • Are you accessing the correct Canvas URL? You will not get the reset email if you are trying to reset your password on a site where you are not enrolled (such as instead of
  • Is your Canvas email sponsored by your institution? If your email address is part of a campus firewall system that blocks emails from mass senders, you won't be able to receive the email. Contact your institution's IT department for assistance.
  • Are you the owner of your email address? If your email address is owned by someone else and you can't receive email for that address, you won't be able to get the reset email. Contact the owner of the email address for assistance.


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