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Embedding Images Using New RCE

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Has anyone seen or reported issues trying to embed images into discussions using the new RCE? The images appear fine for me (admin), but when I masquerade as the instructor all I see is the Alt Text. No images.

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rgibson1‌,  @edquistd ‌ is correct: the fix has been applied in beta and will be released to production with the next deploy.

Hey Robbie,

I was testing this today, and I have a VERY tenuous solution. The image that you want to add to the Global Announcement could be loaded into the User's File space first. Then, go to Admin>Settings>Announcements, and create a new announcement. Create your announcement as normal, and embed the image from the "User Images" section. You may need to refresh the page if something fails (it is tenuous)...but it did work on my first Screencast attempt (see below):

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We are still experiencing this issue. Especially in Discussions.