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Emoticons now grey in page titles. Any solutions?

I used emoticons in page titles to make items easier to visually find, like using a red apple to indicate where instructor information can be found. So far this has been pretty successful, but as of maybe a week ago, all the emoticons have lost their color and are now grey when accessed on a pc or mac. Mobile versions still show color. Any thought on how to fix this?


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Based on some very preliminary internet searching that my colleague and I are doing, it looks like there was a Chrome and Edge update that caused this to happen. Evidently, it's not an issue when using Safari (which isn't so helpful in my district, as all students use Chromebooks!).

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having the same problem on PC. but when mouse is hovered on the emojis, it shows in color 

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Not a solution sorry but we are also having this issue, Instructure support advised:

"(it) appears this is happening on Chrome and Window specific devices. We are monitoring the situation, however, it appears to be an error on Window's side."

Chrome and Windows specific devices i.e. the systems that a huge proportion, if not the majority, of our staff and students use.

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Also seeing this issue in our Canvas instance. Emojis appear in color when they are pasted in the content item. Once saved, they appear greyed out.

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