Enhanceable Content Question - CSS Broken?

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Last spring I started working on a Canvas site for this fall's classes.  I discovered enhanceable content  tabs. I followed the code from  one of many sites (i.e. https://atguides.humboldt.edu/m/canvas_instructor_guides/l/768704-how-do-i-create-tabs-in-my-canvas-....)  and it worked well.  I was looking forward to using this design in my courses. Unfortunately, something seems to have happened. While the design still works somewhat, the tabs were replaced by  black text on a blue bar. The text is illegible and is also presented in an unordered list. 

I did a quick search for the code to see if something changed or if I did something incorrectly, but couldn't find any information. Does anyone know what happened? Will it be fixed or will I need to abandon expandable tabs and revert back to a simpler layout?

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Thank you for your assistance. After reading your earlier message I decided to see wha would happen if I viewed the site in Safari. I don't typically use this site as it's not officially supported by Canvas and our students' platform is Chrome. So I cannot use it if it doesn't work in Chrome. The result was that it works just fine. I'm glad it worked even though it hadn't been working on any site where I encountered it in Chrome.  This made me wonder if it was a profile problem. So I switched profiles and tried it again. It works beautifully, While I'm not sure what went wrong in the other profile, I'm' not sure I care. Though it does intrigue me - slightly. I'm still happy to upload the images in a Google Drive folder and share them with you if you're interested. I assume you're not as the problem has been somewhat resolved. 

Thanks again for your help. 

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