Exporting courses from a Developers Canvas Sandbox Program

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We develop online courses for higher education in The Netherlands.

For this purpose we now want to use the Canvas Developer Sandbox Program. Would the items below be possible with a Canvas Sandbox Program if we would use it to develop courses for schools and universities that use Canvas? 

  • Can we export the courses from the Sandbox for import into Canvas systems of universities?
  • Will they then be able to create their own learning paths from individual lessons of different courses?
  • Would the domain security of Vimeo Business work if we were to use Vimeo videos in Canvas lessons? This so those Vimeo videos would only be viewable on the web domains of the universities' Canvas sites.
  • Can domain secured Vimeo videos be previewed in a Canvas Sandbox environment if we would add the domain of the Sandbox environment to the Vimeo security settings?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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At my school each instructor is issued a sandbox, which is essentially a course that has no students enrolled.  Everything in the sandbox works the same as in a normal course.  If your sandbox is created within the canvas website of the university you are working for, all the school needs to do is copy content from your sandbox into separate sections for each class to be taught.  We generally create studentless courses called master courses for this purpose.  Faculty who manage the master are enrolled as teachers of the master course, and canvas admins copy the master course out to every individual section that students will be enrolled in.  Once the faculty have the content in a section for which they are a teacher they can add to it, edit it, and copy it to other sections without impacting the master course.

Assuming your sandbox is created within the university's canvas website, the security of a sandbox should be identical to the security of any active course.  I do not work with vimeo, however.  You can ask a canvas admin at the school to make an extra sandbox for you and test the course import function to see what breaks.  It will generate error messages where relevant.  After any course import, it is a good idea to also run the link validator, just in case any links are broken or pointing to the original course (that would prevent any faculty or students without access to the original course from accessing the content).

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