Exporting quizzes to import to Examsoft using quiz banks

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My quizzes and exams are currently in Canvas. They are all linked to individual quiz banks. I have a quiz bank for each major topic. Quizzes and exams pull from the quiz bank that I made so I can have 20 questions on a topic and students get a random 5 of them. We're switching to using Examsoft for quizzes and exams. It seems you cannot export quizzes that use quiz banks and upload to Examsoft. Is there a workaround here? I'd also be okay with just exporting my quiz banks into questions on Examsoft and creating quizzes from there. I'm really looking for any way to avoid retyping over 1,000 questions. My current QTI exports do not upload to Examsoft. The error says "None of these questions could be imported. Please review the document formatting and try again."

Thank you! 

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Hi @foreverlaur 

To be able to export the quizzes with the questions from the question banks you will need to create a quiz using the option to find questions instead of linking the banks to groups.

The option to pull the questions won't work for export. Instead of creating a question group and linking that group to the banks, you will need to use the option "find questions" and select the questions you need. That way the questions won't be pulled from the banks but copied into the quiz. 

Once you have all the questions in the quiz, you can save and export it. 

Here is a guide that explains how to create a quiz using the "find questions" option. 
How do I create a quiz by finding questions in a question bank? 

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