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I provided students with an "extra credit" opportunity.  The extra credit was comprised of a case study with multiple choice 25 questions regarding the case.  I created a separate assignment group identified as Extra Credit.  Everything worked well except that the total 25 points for the extra credit questions is being included in the total points for the course.  The total should be 300 not 325 possible points for the course.  This means it is NOT extra credit. What do I need to do to remove the 25 points from the total grade, but have the students' points count toward their grade

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If you are using a weighted gradebook, then do the following.

  1. Create an assignment group worth 0% of the grade. Mine is called "non-graded, administrative". Put the original quiz into that assignment group.
  2. Make a regular assignment with no submission (or on paper) worth 300 points in the assignment group that contained the original quiz. Transfer the scores from the quiz to the new assignment.
  3. Explain to the students what is going on so they understand the two grades. Students are very understanding when you're giving them extra credit.

If you are not using a weighted gradebook, then start. If you don't have assignment groups at all (other than the default that Canvas puts things in), then just make the existing one worth 100% of the grade and then follow the steps above for creating a 0% assignment group.

If you have assignment groups but they are not weighted, then you have to be a little more careful. Figure out what percent of the overall grade will be in each group and then assign the weight for that group to be equal to the proportion of the points. Then follow the steps above.

If you are not familiar with assignment group weighting, you click the more options at the top of the assignments page and choose assignment group weights.

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