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I am an admin for the first time for a high school that has a handful of beginning users of Canvas. I have had a tricky FERPA question brought up by a Canvas teacher user: a teacher is beginning the school year with students in a discipline alternative education setting. They are synced through Clever into her high school courses, but, by law, 1) Are not supposed to communicate with peers in their high school course, and 2) are to be hidden from view from other students. I know about the People Navigation tab moving to hidden, but she is concerned that she will make a mistake when assigning discussions or collaborations.

The teacher wants to have the students taken out of the synced course (which is synced through Skyward and not possible) and added to a course she has manually created. Then, she wants to cross-list the manual course to the synced course. Is this a viable option? If so, do I deactivate the user in the synced course?

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