Faculty having problems recording videos in Rich Text Editor on Mac

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In the past few weeks, several of our faculty have reported difficulty recording videos in the Rich Text Editor on Mac. They are able to record the video itself, but then when it is processing, it just shows a grey box and never changes that into the actual video thumbnail. Therefore, they are not able to save the video.

They have reported this on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox for Mac. One of the faculty who reported it confirmed that their camera and microphone worked in other applications. 

Another reported that the process worked sometimes, but not always. He just had it work on Thurs, 3/24 using Firefox 98.0.2 with MacOS Monterey 12.2.1. He reports that he appears to have had more problems on Chrome & Safari than Firefox. He only has the App Launcher for Google Drive & Word Count plugins installed on Chrome.

We have not had these video recording issues on Windows.

Does anyone know what might be causing them, and what might we do to resolve them?

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Hello @EvanDonovan 

Thanks for posting in the Community. 

I have not heard or encountered this issue with the Rich Content editor, while using Mac. I use MAC OS Big Sur version 11.6.4  with Chrome Version 99.0.4844.74. 

It might be best to reach out to Support to have them look into this further to see if this is related to a known issue. 

A couple basic questions I had on this:

  1. Does this happen while using an incognito window? 
  2. Does clearing cache and cookies for All Time make any difference? (guides For MAC and PC
  3. How large are the videos that they are recording when this happens? Under 15 minutes is recommended. 
  4. Do the videos show up in their personal or course files after they try and save it? Are they playable there at all? 


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