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I have some rubrics made in the Canvas course I am working on. When I want to attach one of those rubrics to an assignment I have created, Canvas makes me search through all of the courses I have taught. Is there a way to filter this to just see the rubrics in the current course unless I wanted a wider search?

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Community Coach

Hi there, @ddavis4 ...

This is a great question, and I feel your pain.  I am going to point you to a script that you can use developed by the amazing @James Jones.  You'll just need to install Tampermonkey in your Google Chrome browser, and then install James' script.  It will make searching for your rubrics so much easier!  This is just one of the "Canvancements" (Canvas Enhancements) that James has created.  Sorting the Find a Rubric dialog

And, as an extra bonus, here's something else James created to import rubrics from a spreadsheet: Importing Rubrics from a Spreadsheet.

Hope these links will be beneficial for you!

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