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Finished course won't go away from the Dashboard

Hi, one of my courses I had created under my Free for Teacher account that ended on Feb 5 2022 just won't go away from the Dashboard no matter what I do. I wonder what the problem is as no solutions from the guides seem to help.

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Hi there,

Have you tried going to Courses on the left-side menu and unstarring the course?

Hi, thanks, oddly enough it's not starred and it's even listed under past courses in the All Courses list (so I can't star or unstar it). And yet it's still on the Dashboard. I mean I did like that course but probably not that much!

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Hello @OlgaDobrovidova You can try concluding the course and that should remove it from the dashboard. How do I conclude a course at the end of a term as an instructor? 

Keep in mind that all enrollments will be removed from the course and all users in the course will have read-only access.

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