Free Draw Annotation is not saving on Student side.

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The last couple of weeks, trying to show teachers how to use Student Annotation in Canvas, instead of using another PDF upload, I have noticed that if the students use the Free Draw Annotation, it is not saving and showing up in the Speedgrader, for teachers.  Anyone else notice this?



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Hello @Kim_Murray 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with Free  Draw Annotation. It should be working and this sounds like abnormal behavior. As long as it has been setup correctly, and students are submitting it - it should load in speedgrader.

Here is the Canvas guide:

There have been instances of teachers  not getting the comments to save but this sounds like a different issue:

Because of the complexity of the issue, and the concerns for privacy, it would be best if you contacted Canvas Support directly to pinpoint the source of the issue and provide a resolution: 

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