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Fudge Grades Not Showing up in Grade Module (Grade Book)

A quiz for a large class was given. Some students did not have access to computer, the reason I turned the quiz into a group (students on same desk) quiz. An ideal group work assignment exists on canvas- I'm aware of that.

Now, I graded one submission per group and used Fudge Points to enter the grade of the other group members.

All the students with the "Fudge Points" grade can't see their grades on canvas even though I can see it from my computer. The grades are hidden in a "calculator-like" symbol in gradebook (the picture is attached). 

How do I let the students see their "Fudge Points" grades? One way to do this is to enter zeros into all (un)answered questions in Speed grader. But, this is not the best resolution, imagine a class size of say 100.

Canvas Gurus, an efficient resolution to the problem is needed.

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