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Hi Everyone

I am a newbie to Canvas and i have been added as a Course Builder to a Nursing course for fall.  In this course, the only graded entries into the course are 3 tests and a final.  These will ALL be given face-to-face and hand-entered into Canvas.

Test 1 = 20%

Test 2 = 20%

Test 3 = 20%

FINAL = 40%

GRADES is not showing up in the Navigation Panel.  This summer was my first time using Canvas, and the GRADES link automatically showed up and I created the gradebook with all the grading with some help from communitycanvas.  You all are SO GREAT!  But now, I've had this new loop thrown at me....I'm not sure how toobtain the GRADES link into the course.

Can someone assist me please??

Thank you

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Hi Everyone

Found out just now that the reason I do not see the GRADES in the navigation pane is because I have a Course Builder designation, and not a TEACHER designation.  Hoping to get that rectified shortly.



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