Gameification: Displaying / Extrapolating GradeBook Data

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Hi all,

I have successfully gamefied my World Lit class and have Main quests, Side Quests, Item Shops, Achievements, Leaderboards (thanks Badgr for making this easy) etc.

I have a non-graded category called "Hero Points."  These are the points they are awarded for doing optional side quest/assignments.  Students use these points to buy items from the shop (Another non-graded category called "Debt" (such as bonus points, class room priveledges, etc.).  Every time they come to me to buy an item, I simply add the cost of that item to the "Shop Keeper's Debt "assignment" from the category "Debt." 

Here's my issue: I don't have an easy way to display/let students constantly know how many "Hero points"  they have to spend.  If they go to the Grades page, and scroll all the way down, they can see their total Hero points (point accumulation) and if they subtract that from their Debt they'll know how much they currently have to spend, but I don't have an EASY way to display, let them know this information at the blink of an eye.  I feel this would serve as a much larger incentive to do side quests if they could constantly see their spending money go up.  Basically I just want a simple way to extrapolate and display the information from the Grades category. 

I have seen videos of instructor mock ups where they display information from the grade page as some kind of widget on other parts of Canvas (I'm assuming they use HTML to do this).  I'm looking for something similar and I'm willing to learn to do some minor coding to accomplish it if it's within my league.  Barring that even a simple way to make a grade that would be the result of one grade total category minus the other and somehow link to that, that would work as well. 

Ideally I'd like to have them be able to click on something (a flashy image I mock up) and have it show them their current points they have to spend (Hero Points - Debt).  But I don't know how to get to this grade data inside Canvas or display it. 

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Thank yo Stepanie.  

To make my question shorter, perhaps I should just say this:

I just want to know how to pull data from the gradebook and display it on other pages for students.  The data I'll be pulling is Hero Points, which is worth 0% of students' grade, so no concerns about FERPA or revealing personal info.  

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