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German Course--Packaged Content


I have a student at my school who needs to take German 3. Is anyone familiar with an online course designer or company that has content for foreign language, specifically German? I have an instructor who can custom tailor the course, but does not have time to create a full course of content. 

I am aware that online learning does not mean plugging and playing course content. I read some other threads where people were being lectured for asking similar questions. Thank you so much.

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Years ago we used to use the German courses from Oklahoma:  Home 

Don't know if they share content or if content can be purchased, but I thought I'd share.

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Have you looked in the Commons? 

While I doubt they have a complete course, there may be elements you could use there.

Another possibility would be have the student look at the CVC-OEI. I'm pretty sure I saw a school offering German 3 there at one of the schools.