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I manage Canvas for a technical college using the following parameters:

  • We offer rolling admissions.
  • We fall under the umbrella of the K-12 districts calendar.
  • We have 3 terms a year. 
  • At any given time, a course can be taught in all 3 terms depending on the start date.  

Our mainframe needs to assign the course 3 sequence numbers. Canvas views a sequence number as a course, so it assigns a new container.  So, 1 class offered can potentially be assigned 3 different Canvas SIS ID's/Containers.  

I know I can manually cross-list to combine, but is there a better way other than this? The LMS is new to the site, so I am already getting pushback from faculty on using it.  I want to streamline this prior to August.  

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Community Coach

Hi @chefpartz 

In the situation you describe, I think that I would configure your integration to create each of the sequence numbers as a new section within the course, not as a whole new course.  That is essentially what happens when you are cross-listing, which is moving the section from one course (shell) to another.

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