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Grade Book column


I have a faculty who cross-list two sections (graduate & undergrad) in one class, and she created two discussions for each section. Her question is about the grade book that she does not want to have two columns for each discussion.

Is there is a way to have only one column in the grade book for both discussions?


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Unfortunately, you can't. It is how it is read when setting up those sections. I have it happen frequently, as well. I am in the high school world, but I have an honors section and an on-level section. I looked through the voting polls, and don't see anything currently open for it. But, she could always put it in as an idea:!input.jspa?containerType=14&containerID=2020. If it makes her feel any better, from the student view, they will only see the one grade that is related to their section. Sorry for the bad news!

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Community Coach

 @haati , greetings! If the instructor set this up with groups, then they could have had one discussion in the gradebook. If the discussion was set-up with groups (Undergraduate and Graduate), then the students in each group would only be able to see the posts from the people in their group. 

As it is right now, if the students were added to the course as two different sections (Graduate section & Undergraduate section), then the Instructor could look at the gradebook by section (per the Gradebook filter) - so then they would only see one discussion in the gradebook. Yet, they would then need to flip back and forth between the undergraduate and graduate gradebook views.

Hope this helps! Kona