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How can I link Canvas to LearnSmart Assignments on McGraw-Hill Connect so that Students can view their individual progress from the Canvas Site?

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Hello,  @jhouston1  and  Welcome to the Canvas Community! We have moved this question out of the InstructureCon space where it was previously posted and then to Q&A. Since you've already asked this question at Canvas - LearnSmart - Modules - Connect - Gradebook , we have locked this new question to prevent duplicate threads from ensuing.

Did you know that it's not necessary to post the same question in multiple places? Instead, if you'd like to broaden a question's exposure to selected groups, you can start by posting to Q & A‌ and then use the Share button to "share" the same question to any other group of which you're already a member. All of the replies will appear as a single unified thread under the initial question.

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