Gradebook Missing Status Removal (undo this please)

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Undo the Gradebook Missing Status Removal

In a recent Canvas update, the Missing label for submissions that have not been submitted online but that have received a manually entered grade has been removed. This is extremely problematic for me and other K-12 teachers like me who manually enter a grade of zero (0) into the grade book when the due date for an assignment has passed. I have taught my students to use the bright red "Missing" label in the status column of the grade book as a visual cue alerting them that the assignment is missing and has not been turned in. Up until last week, this feature has been an extremely helpful tool for both me and my students because "Missing" has been synonymous with no submission in Canvas. 

Due to the change, I have to open the grade book, manually click on each individual student assignment cell, then change the label from "None" to  "Missing" for every assignment that was given a score of zero. I have 100 to 120 assignments per semester and between 125 to 160 students enrolled in my classes. Since the Gradebook Missing Status Removal implementation, which is just over a week, I have experienced a dramatic increase in the amount of time that it takes me to grade and provide specific feedback on student work. Being able to provide constructive feedback and grade assignments in a timely manner is important to me and to my students. This change is not allowing me to do either effectively.

*Reassigning the assignment gets flagged as "Late" in the grade book. This still isn't helpful because no work submission has been collected for the assignment.

Can this be undone? Is there another tool in Canvas that I can use like this one? Can the score of zero be made bright red so that it can be a simple visual cue for students to see easily when looking at their Canvas grades? 



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Community Team

While this isn't a solution, there is a discussion open about this change in Ideas too.

Allow grades to have zeros with the "Missing" status 

Also, from what I understand, Instructors are supposed to be able to use the "bulk update grades" and maintain that "missing" status. I would try that! I know that means that you need to first grade all of the work that has been turned in, but it may save a lot of clicks in the process.

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