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Is there a way to totally disable grade book? 

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I, too, would like to know if it's possible to disable what's a very primitive, excruciatingly user-unfriendly piece of utter junk.  As far as I'm concerned all of Canvas  is a complete and utter, primitive horror compared to Blackboard which was so much easier to organize and use, especially the grade book.  This dinosaur won't even give partial credit for questions like multiple answer and matching questions which means that something that could be automatically graded in Blackboard has to be laboriously hand-graded in pile of garbage  This is a truly loathsome LMS!

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You can disable the view of the grade book for anyone in your class by removing it from the navigation on the left hand side!

1. click on your course.

2. click on settings at the bottom left hand side.

3. click on the navigation tab along the top of your screen.

4. drag any of the tabs you don't want students to see to the bottom and they will be hidden from view (you will still see them but others won't)

5. don't forget to scroll down and save your changes!!!

I hope this is helpful!! 😊