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Grades Save, yet Yellow Dots Remain?



I am a tech coach/Canvas admin here. I am working with a teacher who is reporting a weird glitch and wanted to know if it was anything we can fix on our end, or if it's an issue with Canvas. Has anyone else encountered this issue before? The teacher report states:

  • This is an issue I brought up before, wondering if there is something canvas can do about it. In speed grader you have to hit update 2-4 times before the grade registers in the box on the right. While hitting it once will have it show up in the grading section, it keeps the yellow (needs to be graded) dot next to the kids name unless you hit it repeatedly. This is getting quite time consuming and frustrating. Thanks!
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@agdeyoe -

I do not see that behavior, but I am a little confused by what the teacher stated.  What do they mean by hit  "update"  in speed grader?  I don't have an update option in speedgrader for quizzes(classic) or assignments.  Can you get a different description from the teacher?(I need it, but someone else on the forum may have more experience with this area).  What type of assignment are they grading and what is the update button they are referring to

There is the submit button for the comments.  In speedgrader, I have always been able to enter the grade in the grade box and then if I click on the box for comments the score is recorded and the student gets a check mark.  Also, I just noticed that when viewing a students ungraded submissions in speedgrader there is a white circle on my instance next to the student name - in the actual drop down list it is the yellow dot.  


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Thanks for the response! I was able to get a screenshot from the teacher. It appears that he is using a Canvas quiz (not sure if new or old) from the looks of the image he has. Below is some more information:

  • Here is an example of one that was just graded,[I] hit update and [the] grade did not change on the right nor did the yellow dot disappear. Now, I did try hitting submit once I hit the [green] checkmark for full credit, but as I thought, the submit is only for comments as that didn't do anything to the score either.

On my end, it looks like something isn't transferring over when he tries to grade what appears to be a short answer response in Canvas quizzes. I (and he) appreciates any insight, sometimes when you have something obscure like this, crowdsourcing works better than bug reports! 


Canvas Example.jpg

I partially removed text and paraphrased above and in the image for privacy reasons.

@agdeyoe -

Thanks for the information.  That view is for a New quiz.  and It looks like the quiz might be complete/incomplete grading - that could be useful to know.

I use classic quizzes, so I had one I could easily check and when I hit submit the grade changes.  Of course that may be due to a script by james that I have running to help with grading classic quizzes quicker(I did not use that feature3, but if the script is running it may be doing somethings that aren't normally done and therefore I see the grade update).

I'll try out a classic quiz and see what results I get.


Edit -

I put an essay question into a New quiz and a Multiple choice question.  The essay was set up as complete/incomplete.  I select either the check or the x and click update.  It takes about 1 second of waiting, but the score did update and I got the graded check next to the student name.  Not sure if that helps any, but I do not see the issue.

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