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Grades not showing in gradebook that have a file upload

Up until the new school year we could have a file upload worth zero points on our quizzes and I would still get a grade showing in Canvas gradebook for the assignment. Now it just shows the note icon unless I go in and hand score each of the submissions. The question is worth zero points, so why will it not show me a grade? It has worked flawlessly until this school year. We require the file upload for students to show their work on math assignments so it is the last question on every HW assignment we have. 

I am hoping someone has a magical fix for this. I have looked at all my settings and cannot figure out what  happened since last year!

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@dl518954 -

The fact that the question is a file upload question means that you have to go in and actually grade the problem(it is not auto graded) - my experience with those problems in my longer quizzes.  Even if it is 0 points you will have to go in and give a score of 0.  I have never had an issue with it because I never had a set up like you do.

If previously, the score was automatically set to 0 when students uploaded a file and now it doesn't makes it sound like Instructure changed the way it evaluates the scores for quizzes and programmed the functionality you wanted out of the Canvas platform.

Just had a thought - is this New or Classic Quizzes?  you could try it in the other format to see if the same situation occurs.  If so, then my only recommendation (unless someone else has the solution you desire) would be to use classic quizzes and then use the quizwiz-rubrics canvancement written by James(provided your institution will allow it and you want to use it).  The reason I mention quiz wiz is that you can turn on assign 0 to ungraded questions and it also provides the save and advance feature in speedgrader.  So my thought is that theoretically, you can have the script running, go into speed grader and then just click on the save and advance button for each student and assign a 0 to all of the assignments (not ideal but quicker than what you would have to do otherwise - provided the assign 0 works.  you will have to check that out)