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I am an instructor. My course has several assignments that have variable due dates. Students can submit some until the end of the semester. Their total grade displayed gives the impression they have an A+ in the class. However, if they do not submit all of the assignments by the end of the semester, those assignments convert to Zero. Is there a way to give students a more accurate view of what their final grade will be if they do not submit all of the assignments?

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Option 1:

Ask students to uncheck the "Calculate grades based only on graded assignments" box when they see their grades. You can demonstrate in Student View by showing the grades you can enter for Test Student. It on the right side of the student's view of the Grade Book below the "Assignments are weighted by group:" thing.


Option 2: 

Set the "Due" date for the assignment at some point in time before the last day to turn in it. After the "Due" date passes, Canvas assigns anything not turned in to be a 0.

Set the "Until" date to the last date to turn in an assignment.

Here is an example of an assignment "Due" on January 16th, but available "Until" January 20th. For example, you could have all the assignments "Due" at midterm, but available "Until" dead week.



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