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for my students I made 3 tests, and I said they must write 2 tests so now I want to ask for a an exclusion option? like if a student didn't write test 1 to be excluded and the system to count for 2 tests as per my discretion.

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Hi @liyabonaTwaise one suggestion I can think of is to use the Excused status for the test students did not take. You can learn more about the Excused state by viewing the following link: how do I change the status of a student's submission? The quickest way to set the excused status is to enter EX into the grade field. The link will provide you with additional options to set the excused status.

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Hi there! If possible, I would recommend putting the tests into an assignment group so you can create a rule to drop the lowest grade out of the three. That way, students only get graded for the two tests that they did complete. 

Check out the guide on assignment rules for steps on how to do this 😊

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