Hard coded spaces (   ) do not show up in exported ePub

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We've noticed that somewhat recently when we export an ePub from canvas, it doesn't correctly code   's as spaces. The result is as such:

As coded in the course:

...dancing. They...

As coded in the ePub:


 This requires manually scanning the epub for such issues and typing the space back in — time-consuming! And previously, not necessary.


Any solutions or is this a bug that could be addressed in future releases?

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Hello @mohara 

I am sorry that this is happening. That definitely sounds a bit odd. Just to avoid any confusion, when you say export ePub, are you referring to when a teacher exports their course as an Epub file to view their course offline? 

It might be best to submit a ticket to support about this with your specific examples, to have them look into this to see if it is related to a known issue. 

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