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Captions for videos in New Quizzes: Stimulus questions

We have recently started using New Quizzes at our institution. We are using Stimulus questions to create a guided wine tasting tutorial - each 'step' has a video to guide students through what they must do. Videos elsewhere in our course all have closed captions; however, I haven't been able to find an option for uploading closed captions to videos in stimulus questions. Or any existing query about this! Any suggestions?

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Hello @onlineclassroom 

I understand that you are trying to place a video into a stimulus for New Quizzes that has captions added to it. 

With stimulus content you do have the ability to embed media directly into the stimulus. If you have the video with the closed captions that is hosted on Youtube, Kaltura, or even Canvas studio, you can copy the embed code, go to the new quiz, and click on the Insert/edit media option which will allow you to paste it into the stimulus. HERE is a preview of what it looks like in my sandbox. You can do this with multiple videos on the same stimulus. 

HERE is a guide on using the Rich Content Editor in New Quizzes. 

Hopefully this helps!