Help Needed: How to Take First Attempt Grade on Quizzes

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Is there a way to get the quizzes feature on Canvas to take the first attempt grade for quizzes and also complete the quiz to 90%? I'm interested in this feature, because I want to incorporate competency-based learning, but I want students to study prior to a quiz, because it's high stakes. 


I know this is a feature within the New Quizzes on Canvas, but the New Quizzes don't allow for smooth transition of questions into the test banks. It's possible, but SO effortful. 

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Hello @sargonza,

Sorry for the slow reply. I was really trying to think through this one.

Since you are working to combine Question Banks before transferring them, I am not sure if there is a method that is any faster. It would be cool if there were a feature where you could check boxes on a list of banks and then select to merge them.

If you are really set with staying with classic Quizzes, I can imagine a solution for the 90% benchmark, but it may be more work than the work of migrating Question Banks to Item Banks. It could be something like having a quiz that has a Mastery Path that releases a copy of the quiz for any score less than 90% and releases the next quiz for a score of 90% or above. The quiz copy would be kept in an Assignment Group worth 0% in order to not affect the grade. The quiz copy would also be set to release the next quiz on the achievement of 90% or above and would have unlimited attempts. The original score would have a single attempt.

So, it is possible, but is a bit of work. At least you have options now though.



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