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Hello!  I have registered for Canvas with my school email:


I have been unable to log in and it does not accept my password.  It also shows my username at mrobinson614.  How can I get this corrected?  I am only trying to view a training video. 




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Community Coach

Hi @mrobinson614,

Typically a school district would have their own Canvas site and automatically make you an account and everything.  In some cases, teachers will use the "free for teacher" version of Canvas, which can have some extra more manual steps to login.  Looking at your email address, it seems you may be in Calumet Public Schools, and I only see information about Google Classroom on their site.  With that being said, I would recommend reaching out to your teacher in whatever way you can (in-person, email, phone, etc) to get more info on where you are supposed to login and how.

I know this isn't a complete answer, but I hope it helps you a bit.


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