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The update completed in the last 24 hours, reduced the size of the vertical and horizontal scroll bars in the gradebook.  They are VERY hard to grab with a mouse and are increasing the time it takes to grade my student's work.  All the teachers in my hallway are frustrated with this.  

The last update, caused the last student's name in the gradebook to be chopped off- also annoying.  But prior to that everything was fine.  So I think the developers are looking for a way to correct that problem...and decided to make the scroll bars more slender.  In short, it is a BAD SOLUTION.  The bars are so slim now that it takes many clicks to "grab" them.  Very frustrating.  This needs to be fixed ASAP!   

Thank you for listening, Laura B

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The developers are aware of this issue as it's affecting many users I believe. They are also fixing the issue and have an open ticket. You can read more about it here: 

[OPEN] Gradebook scrollbar is cutting off the last... - Instructure Community - 601863

I'm pretty sure it's a top priority and should be resolved shortly. Hopefully this helps! 

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