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As teachers, we comment in the comment section of assignments, retakes, and if the task was altered to a modified form. We do not wish our students to see this but want the documentation all in one place. Can we hide comments from students without hiding the grade? 

ex. Student x retook this assignment 4/5, 4/12, and then was given a modified assignment on 4/23 which is reflected with this grade. 


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Instructure Alumni

Hello @AmyHepner ,

There currently isn't a feature that works exactly as you desire. I know un-submitted comments in SpeedGrader are auto-saved or you might be prompted to put the note in "draft". However, there is no guarantee how long it will stay there. You may or may not have the option to use the Notes column in the gradebook. This would be a place where you could make notes for each student in general (not per submission). How do I use the Notes column in the Gradebook? 

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