Hiding Grades with External Tools

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Sometimes students require extra time on assessments, and I would like to provide it for them in a way that also preserves test security. Ultimately, I'm looking for a way to have them 'turn in' an assignment so they don't have access to it, but then I want to be able to release it back to them at a later time and then have them resubmit when ready. I've used Kami's Assessment Mode for this, but it only lets them submit it once - so once they take it on Day 2, a) I'm not notified of when they finish it, b) there's nothing stopping them from taking it with a friend after hours and with materials I didn't allow during the test. (I trust my students, but I also have 100 of them in the same course. 😀

If an assessment uses an external tool -- Office 365 Cloud Assignment, specifically -- would hiding grades also hide their work once it's submitted? Is there another way to achieve this? 

(I've also modified how I assess -- shorter assessments, making it open-note/book, etc -- but invariably I run into this issue.)

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