Higher Ed Canvas Admins - what department do you fall under?

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If you're a Canvas Admin at a Higher Ed institution, and you have numerous integrations using LTI's and API's (to both internal and external systems), I'm curious to hear what department you fall under; Academics or IT?

I'm not talking about those who actually write code and set up the API's themselves. I'd think these folks logically would fall under IT.

I'm also not referring to those who are more in a role of content development, instructional design type things. I'd think these folks logically would fall under Academics.

I'm looking for responses from Admins whose job is mostly on the technology administrative side, but who work closely with many audiences. Those who collaborate with their developers/coders to create, test and implement solutions for API's and internal integrations, as well as data issues - and the coding specifically for Canvas is only a small portion of what your developers do. I'm looking for Canvas Admins who implement all LTI integrations as well as troubleshoot technical/LTI/data issues but also serve as a resource for those with questions who are working in the development and design of courses. So basically, you work closely with those who do both the coding and the content, but you neither code nor work on course content yourself.

Thanks a lot for your help!!