How Many Sections Can a Course Have?

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I've searched through the Canvas guides as well as this Canvas Question forum, but I cannot find anything on a maximum number of sections a Canvas course can have.

Does anybody know if there is a max # of sections allowed in a course? If so, what is that max?

We are on rolling enrollment for our online courses and are looking at the possibility of doing something different to automate this process, but I need to know if there is a max # of sections per course.


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Hello @canvas_admin!

There is no officially documented maximum number of sections that are allowed in a course, and theoretically there is no maximum number either, but with increased section numbers the performance of the course will become increasingly hampered.  I have seen reports of courses that contain 500-900 sections, but they often encountered issues with performance (especially with the gradebook).  

If you are looking to use rolling enrollments in your online courses, can I recommend that you consider using a Blueprint course or a course template to intermittently copy content to a new course shell?  I don't know the number of enrollments and sections are happening in your courses, but you may want to consider setting a time period for each course shell where the new enrollments get added.  After that date is reached, additionally enrollments could be added to a new course shell (and the other course shell remain active/open for students to complete the coursework).  This would prevent the course enrollments/sections from becoming so monstrous that performance issues arise.

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