How To Import An Existing Course WITHOUT Automatically Assigning "0" Points To Students When Assignments Are Assigned?

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I put a lot of effort into making my Canvas course, connecting items within various modules, etc...   As a result, at the beginning of the school year, I import the entire course from the previous year, thus preserving all that.   

The issue  that I'm encountering is that it is automatically putting "0" for all assignments for the new students who haven't even had a chance to access the assignment yet.  As soon as I publish an assignment, it applies a "0" to everyone.  As a result, it is affecting students' grades before they even have an opportunity to do the assignment. 

A co-worker had a workaround, where you manually go in and delete the "0" for the assignment.  The issue with that workaround is it overrides Canvas' ability to enter a "0" for assignments not submitted by the due date/time.

Am I missing something?  When I import the class, I have it wipe all the dates.

Thank you for any insight and assistance you can give. 🙂